The main entrance of Jackie O ‘ leads to the discoteque, a more electric location, spacious, a temple of music that has been the backdrop to some of the best DJs on the international scene and that cleverly suited to accommodate any type of event.

Always the club par excellence, always offer you unique nights with house music DJ, Commercial, 70/80/90, Italian and international music.

With a large bar where are served cocktails and drinks prepared by the best barmen of the Capital.

Piano Bar

Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in the club where Liza Minelli singing at the piano bar “New York New York” and where Alain Delon gallant and charming danced until the early hours of the morning.

An intimate location, unique for private events where the colors, the soft lighting, the bar and the grand piano carrying ideally in a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere to get lost in company of the finest Italian and international songs of all time.

leather sofas, large mirrors, Cocktail bar and selection of liqueur, Champagne and high class spirits …