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Since 1972 50 years past but Jackie O’ is still one of the center of the Night life Rome. Every night vip and important people dine and sing a the local. The restaurant is next to Via Veneto, the center of the luxury movida in Rome.  The night starts with the aperitif, continues with a good mediterranean dinner and end on the dance floor with the live music of the piano bar and the discotheque. What are you waiting for. Book now. The Restaurant is open form Tuesday to Friday from 8 pm, The piano bar is open after dinner, you can sing on the live music notes, the discotheque is open after Midnight until Dawn from Tuesday to Saturday. From Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday and Monday it is closed.

In 1972, Giulio Andreotti became Prime Minister for the first time. At the cinema Marlon Brando wore the role of the Godfather, while Mina sang obsessively Grande grande grande. The VIPs were still called stars, but like ordinary mortals they used to spend the evenings in the clubs of the center of the capital. In that year, Gilberto Iannozzi and his wife Beatrice, in a side street of via Veneto, opened the Jackie O ‘(via Boncompagni, 11), whose sign was a clear homage to the iconic Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of JFK, who became in 1968 Mrs Onassis. The formula, which has remained unchanged over time, included a piano bar and restaurant.

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